Lubes and Tunes Ups

Lubes and tune ups normally go together. Whenever you hire car mechanic services to do an oil change, lubes are replaced and a tune up almost always follows. In the same manner, any auto tune up procedure involves checking the lubes on key components to ensure that they are functioning properly, thereby reducing potential downtime and costly repairs.

Auto lubes are key components of any preventive maintenance program. Auto lube systems are now widely used even by mobile auto mechanics. Such systems have been specifically designed to reduce man hours allotted on manual lubrication so that time can be dedicated on other important maintenance procedures. Car mechanic services have realized the value that auto lube systems can deliver and the advantages they offer in terms of reduction in labour, grease consumption, and costs related to parts replacement.

On the other hand, tune ups are done to make your vehicle more efficient, particularly on the fuel front. Most professional mechanics recommend a tune up every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. As a rule, the level of improvement you'll get will depend on how often tune ups are done. Among the parts that receive the most attention include the engine air filter, fuel filter, transmission filter and the ignition system. A good tune up can return your vehicle to its original factory specifications and will likely result in significant enhancements in power and fuel economy.