Fuel Injections


Even after many years of owning a car, many are still confused about the fuel injections process. It is important to take note that different engines may require different specifications. Each engine has a unique air control designed that implies varying levels of carbon deposits. With this in mind, fuel injections are more than just a cleaning service. Below are the proper steps involved when a car servicing shop starts the process of fuel injections:

·         Check the volume and pressure of the fuel pump

·         Look at the pressure regulator for any leakage

·         Flush the upper fuel injector screens and fuel rail

·         Clean the fuel injectors

·         "Decarbon" the engine assembly

·         Clean the idle air control passages and throttle plate

·         Determine if the air flow rate is appropriate, adjust if necessary

If you have decided to perform the fuel injections yourself, there are several points to ponder. Having good pressure doesn't always mean that your car has good volume. For example, a clogged filter may have good pressure but its restriction will allow proper volume.

Advantages of Choosing D&A Onsite Automotive For Fuel Injections

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