Brakes and Clutches

Brakes and clutches are among the most vital parts of your vehicle. Any potential damage, no matter how trivial needs to be addressed quickly to prevent further breakdowns, and more importantly, to ensure your safety.

The braking system is the most important security feature in your vehicle. Therefore, it's absolutely necessary to diagnose braking problems early and have it checked promptly. The most common problems with braking systems include the following: scraping noise whenever you apply the brakes; locked brakes which lead to sharp bends when braking or the wheel locks up and the vehicle skids; chemical or burnt rubber smell; and the vehicle pulls to one side whenever you brake. Each of these has their own specific causes and while it is important to know the underlying problems, it's still best to seek the help of professionals from mobile mechanics or auto mechanic services.

As for the clutch, replacing the assembly does not only involve removing the worn bearing, disc and plateau and simply installing new ones. Apart from the clutch, there are other components that wear out at the same time, so they too should be checked and repaired or replaced as necessary. For this reason, the mechanic inspects all parts involved and replaces them with quality clutch parts as needed.