Brake and Clutch Repair

 Brake and clutch repairs are among the most common repair jobs on vehicles. They are also among the most important aspects about keeping your vehicle in good running condition. There are cases when people can do brake repairs at home, that is, if they are fully knowledgeable about common repair jobs on their vehicles. However, for the most part, people who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of automobiles prefer to seek the help of professionals.
 In case you encounter problems such as brake pedal vibration, pulling to one side when braking or you're getting strange noises when putting on the brakes, chances are you need to have your brakes repaired. A reputable brake repair expert will thoroughly check the brakes and determine whether the problem is caused by worn or slack brake pads, bleeding brake system, damaged disc rotors, brake shoes, brake drums, noise insulators, or adjustments have to be made on the handbrake wheel cylinders, mater cylinders and brake callipers.
As for the clutch, there are tell-tale signs that it needs a repair job. These include 'sticking' or clutch stays down when pressed, a 'hard' clutch wherein you have to exert extra effort just to press it, 'slipping' or the clutch continues to hold even when released, leaking clutch fluid or a jerking condition when engaging the clutch. When you experience any of these, it's time to call your trusted mechanic for a clutch repair.