Alternator and Starter Motor Repair
An alternator is a device that forms part of the charging system of your vehicle. It generates electricity by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. On the other hand, the starter motor is a high-torque device that is used to turn over the engine to start it. Both have relatively simple configurations so they are not really that difficult to repair.
If an alternator bogs down, it usually has to be disassembled in order to check the rectifier, clean the brush holder, slip rings or replace the brush assembly in case the brushes are already worn or damaged. In general a problem with an alternator can be detected through standard procedures but caution should be observed as the symptoms could be pointing to a defective starter or bad battery. As for the starter motor, the problem is that your vehicle won't start. There are certain things to check such as the state of the battery, whether the ignition switch is relaying power to the solenoid, if the problem is in the starter motor itself, if the solenoid is working or if it is already toast and has to be replaced.
In most cases, people try to do alternator and starter motor repair by themselves. Some get the job done while others inflict more damage to their vehicles. It would be best to find skilled and highly-trained technicians who can fix the problems for you quickly and properly. When a new alternator or starter motor is installed in your vehicle, ask for a free battery and charging system test to ensure that your vehicle will start next time.