Air Conditioning Services

A lot of people take pride in their ride. Many spend hours cleaning and polishing but all these are not enough. If you want to make sure your vehicle maintains its optimum performance levels, it is imperative to have periodic air conditioning services performed by an expert mechanic. The prime condition of your car aircon will depend largely on regular checks and servicing, which is commonly set every 12 to 18 months.

You may have experienced a noisy compressor or the AC simply switches on and off. There are plenty of reasons for a vehicle's air conditioning system to malfunction or stop working altogether. Common causes include a faulty compressor, low or no refrigerant, blown fuse, defective wiring, leaks, damaged temperature sensor, defective on/off switch, defective low pressure switch, defective clutch or clutch relay, defective controller module, etc.

Specialized tools are often required to diagnose the exact cause of air conditioning problems. It is always best to seek the help of expert car mechanic services, they have professional and well-trained personnel who are equipped with the right tools to determine the root cause of the problem and make the appropriate repairs. In case you really need a quick fix, you can opt for the services of mobile auto mechanics. You don't have to spend extra time booking your vehicle into a dealership or garage and punch a deep hole in your pocket.